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My girlfriend Kaz holds the key to my eternal happiness.

I have told her many times over and over again that I want nothing more than to be her loving affectionate cuck. One of my many fantasies which I would do anything to turn to reality is as follows:

We both wake up in our bed before noon on a Saturday, Lazy day!

We both know that tonight she has a date with a sightly older stud. The first thing I do is get up before her and make her breakfast fit for a Queen, While enjoying her breakfast she tells me, "You know I have a date tonight don't you?"

"Yes babe," I reply.

"Right, so while I'm gone I want this house left spotless, if I come home later tonight and am not completely satisfied with it you'll be sleeping on the floor for the rest of the week."

"I understand babe" I reply.

Later that evening she begins to get ready for her date, they are going to have dinner first then back to his place after if everything goes well.

She takes out a red party dress which I bought for her not long ago and a pair of perfect killer heels, along with a black thong and matching bra.

Soon after she jumps in the shower to freshen herself up just after replying to a few texts from her date to confirm that everything was still on for tonight.

As she gets out of the shower she calls me into the bedroom, where she has me paint her toe nails and blow on them until they dry. She gets dressed and puts her heels on, grabs her bag and makes twords the door, she reminds me of my chores before she leaves and gives me a kiss on the cheek and tells me she should be back at some point tonight.

As she leaves I straight away work on the house work, ensuring the bed is made, dishes are washed, hoovering is done and the laundry is put on.

Kaz meets her date at a posh restaurant where they have dinner over a bottle of wine, they then have a few cocktails and make their way to a busy bar. Her date can't keep his hands off of her, rubbing the inside of her thigh and grabbing her ass whenever he got the chance. 1 A.M soon arrived and they decided to make their way back to his place.

On arrival they had half a glass of wine each before he was all over my girlfriend, kissing her neck and moving down to her breasts. As he sucked on one of her exposed nipples he ran his hand up her thigh and to her panties, noticing how wet her thong was.

He pushed her dress up around her waist and moved her back on the sofa, he got down on his knees and began fingering my Queen slowly, teasing her pussy and making her moan. He now slid 2 fingers inside her pussy, knuckle deep, and her cum was sliding down his fingers. With this he began flicking her clit with his tounge, this made her buck and moan very loudly.

He carried on sucking on her clit whilst fingering her wet hot pussy until she came all over his hand and face. Her legs trembled for more than a few minutes.

Once Kaz had come to her senses again she seen her date standing up undoing his belt, she could see the hard on he had through his jeans and was anxious to see the size of his cock. Cum continued to drip from Kaz's pussy down onto the sofa. Her date removed Kaz's dress and then aggresivley removed her soaking wet thong aswell as her bra leaving on her heels on.

Kaz sat up and unzipped her dates jeans, revealing a throbbing hard cock at least 8 and a half inches long and very thick in girth! She began licking the tip after smiling at its size, her date grabbed her hair and ordered her to hold her tounge out, as she did, he slapped his hard heavy cock off of her tounge making it grow what seemed another half an inch! He then began to fuck my Queens mouth gradually working up the pace.

He then pulled his huge cock out of her mouth and lifted her up and turned her around, bending her over the sofa and kissing her passionatly on the lips. He guided his huge cock into her soaked pussy slowly ensuring she could gradually get used to having such a manly cock inside her.

As he pushed his swollen throbbing head in my Queen let out a sheer moan of extasy. She had never felt so full, never felt so horny and never felt so good! She was not use to a cock of this size! Her cum streamed down her dates shaft as he firmly held her tits and kissed her lips. He gradually built up a momentum which had Kaz screaming with pleasure, he began to work more of his huge member inside my Queen and she loved every inch of it.

Soon enough he was mercilessy fucking her pussy with every inch he has, she came at least 3 times and was dripping with sweat. Her pussy had never felt so good!! After about 50 minutes of this stud pleasuring my Queen in ways I could never, he was about to climax! As he reached the point of no return he grabbed her tight and close and continued to fuck her pumping an unreal amount of his seed deep inside her pussy. He sprayed for almost 45 seconds!

After this they lay in each others arms for an hour or so, cuddling and joking. Kaz got herself up and got dressed, kissing her date passionatly before she left for home.

Upon arrival I heard her comming in, in which I met her at the door and took her jacket and hung it up. I also took her heels off and placed them in her wardrobe, she looked around the house, checking that I had done my chores to a acceptable standard and once satisfied she made her way to the bedroom.

She told me she had had a very good night and thinks she will be seeing him again. She removed her dress and handed it to me, which I put on a hanger and placed in her wardrobe.

She got into bed and removed her thong and told me to clean her. Which was like all my birthdays and christmases in one! I dived between her legs and lapped up everything she gave me. Her pussy was sparkling by the time I was done. I then gave her a foot creamy foot massage until she fell asleep to which I then got up beside her kissed her on the cheek and cuddled up close next to her.

Smiling and loving my life as I drifted off! =)





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