Cuckolded in the Barn

Farmer's Wife


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My cuckolding finally happened but not with whom I ever thought it would. This neighbor kid about 19 or 20 used to hang around our farm. He lived just up the road. The wife used to tease him by wearing a cut-off sweater with the arm's removed. An upblouse or side blouse wasn't much of an effort and the boy got a few good peeks. It was exciting for her and fun for me and added some spice to our sex lives.

But, last summer we were out at the barn just at sundown and my wife and I had enjoyed a couple of drinks. The boy came over and one thing led to another and I started playing with my wife's tits from the front. The way my wife was standing the kid couldn't actually see but he knew what was going on.

We were inside the wooden fence, standing in the corner and he was outside the fence. My wife was staring off into the distance as I fondled her tits and I motioned with my head for the boy to move closer to me which he did. He could clearly see what I was doing.

I was tweaking her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger, occasionally cupping her breast. Just feeling her up in general. With my left hand I took the boy's hand and pulled it toward my wife's breast. He willingly took over for me and immediately my wife sensed the difference. I don't know if it was the temperature of his hands or the technique or what but she knew it immediately.

She looked back at him and instead of getting angry, she just smiled and allowed him to continue. Before nightfall, the two of us had felt her up from head to -- well not toe but a few inches up from that. We even "gang nursed" her which she enjoyed immensely!

The action progressed from the barnyard to the seclusion of the barn itself where I encouraged the kid to help me remove her cut-offs and thong. We didn't finger her but we felt her up plenty -- tits, pussy and ass, sucked her tits, felt up her thighs, tweaked her nipples. You name it. She was almost in a trance. I held her tits from behind while he sucked on her nipples -- that nearly drove her crazy.

Then the moment came where my wife couldn't take it anymore and asked him outright to enter her. He didn't even look to me for approval but when diving straight in. She enjoyed him and he didn't last but made her orgasm as she was more than ready.

The kid eventually had to go home and I'm sure he rubbed his dick raw that night. We went into the house and fucked like rabbits.

We talked about that day over and over over the following months with her reliving, in her mind, his hands all over her body as I fuck her and then we finish by imagining he was fucking her in the ass. Maybe next time. It has been a good start.





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