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So this all went down about 2 years ago, my girlfriend and I had been dating for about 3 years at the time. She seemed happy and everything was pretty normal until I started noticing she was going out with her "friends" almost every night.

So I got home from work and noticed she was getting ready for another night out but this time she was dressed a lot sexier than usual. The other times she went out she looked very causal, but this night she had a super short black dress on with her tits pushed up and practically ready to fall out.

I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks jiggle as she walked around looking for her boots to put on. She bent over to pick them up and saw she wasn't wearing panties. I'm not the jealous type but this set off so many red flags.

I commented on how hot she looked and asked what the occasion was. She told me she was just gonna have a couple drinks and head home. It had been a long work week for her so I said ok have a good time. She sent me a text later on that night saying she was spending the night at her girlfriends because she had a little too much to drink. She later came home the next day around the afternoon and in a completely different set of clothes. Which made me think she must of planned to stay over. So naturally I became very suspicious.

Later that night she passed out super early, which was not normal for her. She was acting distant and not as affectionate as usual. This got me even more suspicious. So after she went to bed I decided I'd check her phone. I'd noticed she always kept it face down around me. So I unlock her phone and find a whole text thread from someone named "Tony". She had guy friends and I'd known who they were but she never mentioned anyone named Tony.

My heart started beating so fast. It was a mix of shock and super intense arousal. So I open the thread and what I find is a treasure trove of super dirty texts back and forth confirming my suspicions. I sat there in kind of disbelief because she had never hid anything from me, and she had never been this dirty with me before. She had always been shy about that stuff when we would dirty talk during sex. This guy showed a whole other side of her.

So I'm sat there just scrolling through what started out as fairly normal discussion that quickly turned into talking about what they were going to do to each other. I'd be lying if I wasn't rock fucking hard reading how much of a dirty slut she was being. Talking about how she couldn't wait to get her pussy stretched, couldn't wait to feel him inside her and make him cum all over her.

I didn't know what to do or say, so I just sat there for what felt like a couple hours. I couldn't go to sleep after reading all this, I was so worked up so I took her phone into the bathroom and stroked and stroked until I blew one of the biggest loads ive ever blown.

Ropes and ropes of cum shot out. Still one of the best orgasms I've ever had. I flushed the toilet and noticed she woke up. I came out of the bathroom and she asked me where her phone was. I didn't know what to say so I just said, "who's tony?" And she just froze. She started apologizing but I just said we'd talk about it in the morning.

Morning came and she purposely stayed in bed until I went to work. We didn't talk for a couple days until we finally talked it out and she said it was all a mistake. I know by mistake she meant getting caught because she texted her best girlfriend saying how amazing his cock was.

We dated for a couple years after and are just friends now. I regret not letting it go on further, just to have seen where it would have went.





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