The Cuckold Mental Game between my Wife & I



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Thought I'd share how I remember the cuckolding between me and my my wife starting mentally. Quite a few years back my wife and I went out to lunch and she broke some news to me.

She wanted to get STI tested because she had feelings for another guy. Still loved me but I wasn't fulfilling her. I was pretty devastated.

I don't remember if it was the same day or the next but she had left her phone in the bathroom while I was using it and I was able to get into her messages. I found the messages with the guy and read them all along with pictures.

Talking about how she loved it when she would come over and he would take her like she was being used and how she could use two hands on his big cock, things like that.

My first instinct was being hard and jerking off. I came so hard to these texts and pictures. After I came the clarity set in. I got mad. What she first told me was just an emotional thing obviously was very physical too.

I confronted her and she told me everything. I just had to deal with it really. I wasn't giving up. I adore this woman. She hasn't moved out and we even slept in the same bed while she continued to see him. I had a couple of little adventures of my own but I still wanted to be with her.

I would watch her get ready to go out with him putting on her panties and bra sets that I would imagine him ripping off her. While she was out I would lie in bed imagining all the things that were happening and she would come home exhausted sleeping next to me.

Occasionally she would come home and fuck me because I found out later it wasn't always good between them and she still loved me after all. Slowly but surely things dissolved between them and she realized she had made a mistake.

We worked on things and have been together since then still, stronger than ever. This whole thing had outed in my mind a strong cuck mentality. I told her at one point that thinking about her being with someone else and getting fucked was a huge turn on so when our relationship was strong and the opportunity came up for her to be able to fuck someone while I was there was a no-brainer, she really didn't have to hesitate.

She knew I would like it. Hence the story about the first time she did that while I watched. Our bond is extremely powerful and we know we will be together forever. She likes being able to cuck another guy when she wants but thankfully still likes to fuck me and I know how to pleasure her well.

We are able to bounce between a cuck, housewife, and normal relationship easily. I hope you enjoy hearing about this and feel about it like I do.






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