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My Wife Puts Me in Panties - I went to share what happened to me this Christmas and realized I have not shared last year's events yet and it is kind of needed before this last experience. This is my 3rd shared experience here and I thank all those that have provided feedback. I would love to hear from others in similar situations and would like to chat with those interested. Anyway, on with what happened a year ago.

My wife cucked me 2 years and 3 Christmas's ago. We are open to most everything but pain, scat, and drugs, so we have explored a lot both before and after I was cucked. She has kept me in panties 24/7 since day one and I serve my lovely wife and her 2 bfs. On this Christmas day she told me to get cleaned up and prepared as she wanted to give her bfs a gift that day. I had figured they would be over on Christmas, as is usual, so this didn't surprise me and I dutifully shaved smooth my face and pubes, cleaned my ass and dressed in 3" heels, stockings, garters, thong, and corset. The later 3 were hunter green. (I am expected to be dressed only in panties or lingerie at home so this wasn't abnormal for me.) It was about an hour before they were to show up, so I continued to clean the house and wonder what she had planned for me. Well the time came and they arrived, told me I looked lovely and slutty and came in. After about 15 minutes of small talk my wife said it was time for gifts to be exchanged.

She pulled out our padded bench we have used many times for doggy style and told to take off my panties and bend over it. I did as I was told and I started to swell with anticipation. Once on the stool, she placed the spreader bar between my knees and tied my legs to the bench, then my arms. Nothing painful, but I certainly wasn't going anywhere. She then put my blindfold on me before sitting down on the floor next to me, whispering in my ear. She said basically "I told them you were their gift for the day to used and filled as they pleased and that you would be so enthusiastically, can you do your part?" I agreed and she said, "one more thing, we are going to try sensory deprivation so the blindfold stays on and I have put together a special audio tape for you." With that, she put on a pair of noise canceling headphones and left me like that. If felt like a long time, but was probably only 15 min. My cock kept rising and falling with the anticipation and let down of waiting. I'm sure they saw that and were laughing at me with my ass and cock hanging off the end of the bench, spread and waiting.

At that point, she started the sound which started with her sultrily telling me to open my mouth wide and start taking care of the cock. I did as I was told and found a pretty hard cock waiting to enter. The sounds changed to a loop of recordings of her fucking her bfs. The sounds of them slapping against each other, fucking, sucking, her telling them how big they are and how they make her cum. All 3 humiliating me with comments about my inability to please her now and the slut I am for them. A conversation they had debating caging me long term; it went on and on. It was humiliating and such a turn on at the same time. I was rock hard, trying to focus both on what I was hearing and what was happening to me as I sucked on a cock in my mouth. The cock left my mouth wanting more, but I knew I would be enjoying it again soon enough. A strapon was placed in my mouth and then very shortly I felt the hot cock rubbing on my ass and then press into me. Well lubed and sliding in to the hilt. I was worked over from both ends, moaning and asking for more, just as I was asked to (and would have done anyways as turned on as I was). The first cock unloaded in my ass and the strapon took its place before another cock (her second bf) filled my mouth. It was already rock hard so it didn't take much to make him happy and he pulled out, waiting his turn.

Well, long story short, I took all 3 cocks at least twice and 4 loads of cum were deep in my bowels. I was feeling a little warn and had cum myself from the fucking I was getting. They finished up after that and left me there listening to my wife taunt me through the headphones. I was finally starting to calm down at that point when she shut off the audio and took off the headphones. She asked if I had enjoyed myself. I said yes. She asked if all my responses were for real or if I was just faking it for them. I told her they were for real and I have always loved them using me for their pleasure. She told me that was good, because it wasn't her and her bfs that had just fucked me. My heart stopped, I was momentarily speechless. I was sure I had heard her wrong. I was still tied down and blindfolded. I finally managed a "w-w-what?" She said it was actually my gift today and that she had selected 3 new people to use me. She paused, and then said they were all people I knew. I asked "who" and she said "that is for me to know and for you to dream about!" She then took the blindfold off and I could see she and her bfs were fully dressed. The used strapon on the floor, covered in lube and cum and, as if on cue, I heard a car start up and leave the driveway. I got a mock round of applause from them and I could see that her bfs were still hard. I hung my head in shame and begged her to tell me that it was just a cruel joke, that it was really them, but she didn't. She then untied my hands and told me I was welcome to untie myself the rest of the way, but that the 3 of them really needed to get some relief. They went off to our bedroom while I finished untieing myself and putting my panties back on. I could hear them fucking and having a great time for the next 2 hours while I cleaned the toys and racked my brain to try and figure out who it might have been.

This is getting a little long, so I will shorten up the end. Even after her bfs left, my wife refused to tell me who it was, but swore that it was 3 people I know and that all had agreed to the rules before they played to not share with others. I am pretty certain 1 was someone that I work with and it was/is humiliating as hell going to work, seeing people smile at me, not knowing what was behind the smile and who knows my dirty little secret. The others I had no real clue who until this Christmas, but that is another story for another day. Suffice it to say, my wife has set up repeat excursions for her friends when they want it and at least monthly. Usually just one or 2 of them that she watches while I am in my same position with blindfold and headphones. We have always loved humiliation, but this was beyond what I had ever dreamed would happen and it was so conflicting between the excitement and terror. In the end, I just had to trust my wife and learn to deal with the humiliation.

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