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As a single guy I have done my share of looking online for any hot women in my area ready to play but I was surpised when this couple initiated contact. I met the wife from and online site specializing in swingers. We traded a couple of e-mails and pics (see email), chatted though IM. We arranged a meet one day. We met in a parking lot in essence to look each other over. We both liked what we saw and said we'd be in touch.

From conversations I found out that her husband had a job that kept him away from home during the week, but he was home on weekends. She said they would have phone conversations in which she would tease him about what she was doing while he was away. She said she hadn't done anything but he really enjoyed stories about her possibly doing so. She figured it was time to act out one of those stories. She told me she was in charge of what they did in bed. She would make him do anything she wanted and he would do it to please her. (She told me she went so far as to have him suck another guy just to prove he would do anything.) He had asked her to wait until he got home if she did anything.

She and I had been planning to play in the very near future. One Friday (the day he was due home for the weekend) she told me she'd like to get together. I said yes, she told me she'd talk to me later in the day. That afternoon she told me to meet her at a local motel at 7pm because she had booked us a room. I got there 10 minutes early and watched the entrance to the lot. I have to tell you I was surprised when I saw the 2 of them driving in together. They parked and I pulled up along side of them. She looked over smiled and waved. I got out of my car and she gave him a long passionate kiss before she got out. She introduced us to each other, I shook his hand and he told us to have a good time.

She had gotten us a room on the first floor on the back side of the motel. We went in and we chatted at first. We kissed a little and she had a drink and was feeling good. The whole time she was drinking we had started to kiss. Slowly the kissing had progressed to a little touching. Soon my hand was in her pants and she was softly moaning. I was pretty excited so I told her to get undressed. When she finished she laid back on the bed. Clean shaven unlike her pictures - and very wet. I had met her husband 20 minutes ago and now I was about to fuck his wife. I kissed my way down her body until I was below her navel. I slowly licked my way down from there.

My tongue leaving a light trail. I got down between her legs and started to lick her like she was my last meal. She put her feet up on my back and grabbed my head with her hands. She had a handful of my hair as I ate her for all I was worth.

She kept pulling my face in close as she ground down on my mouth. After a few minutes she told me she was about to cum, I doubled down on my intensity because I wanted to make sure she came hard. A few seconds later she said "Oh god" and I knew she had gotten there. My face was soaked with her juices as I slid back up her body. I kissed her full on when we were face to face. I reached down between us and I grabbed my cock. I knew she was ready and I slid into her very easily.

We proceeded to fuck for the next hour. I was going fast then slowing down so that I wouldn't cum. We fucked with her on her back, on her hands and knees, and with her on top of me. She came at least 3 more times while we played. Finally, I figured it was my turn. I got her on her back with her legs up I was pumping long and hard. I asked her if she wanted me to cum. She said yes, please do. I started to go faster. I asked her where she wanted me to cum, she told me she wanted me to cum inside her. She said her husband wanted proof that she had fucked me. I asked her if she was sure. I remember her reply, she said: "Fuck me and cum in my cunt like the slut that I am."

That put me over the edge, realizing that this other man's wife was asking me to cum inside her so she can show her husband and prove that she's a slut. I grabbed her hair, pulled her body down and pushed deep inside before I unloaded. Guys know that awesome feeling as they release inside a wet hot pussy, feeling the streams of cum as they let go. We laid there a few minutes after we had finished. She told me her husband was coming as soon as I left because they were going to fuck in the same bed she had just gotten fucked in. I told her I didn't want to delay their fun, so I got dressed and thanked her. We discussed getting together again and I left. We talked a couple of days later and she told me her husband had rushed right over there after I was gone.

He asked to see and she made him eat her out. They played for a while then went home. She told me next time we met she was going to give me the most awesome blowjob. She said she really enjoys oral, but things had heated up so quickly she didn't have time to go down on me. A week later I contacted her and we are in the proces of setting something up. I am really looking forward to that awesome BJ she will give me.




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