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The last story on this blog inspired me to write my own about my amazing and sexy wife. Through the course of her work, my wife had to see a salesman who was in town only for the day. As it turned out, she couldn't get time during the day so he arranged to meet her after work, and bought her dinner as it was so late.

Nothing too unusual about this, as it had happened on several occasions prior. This guy knew she was married, so he was not going to hit on her, it was just a professional meeting. Well my wife has "permission" to play if she feels like it (although she had only once taken up the offer previously), and this night she was quite charmed by the salesman. She said he was very good looking, a gentleman, and had a cheeky, suggestive smile.

They had a few drinks and by the time dinner was finished, she was quite turned on. What she did next just blew me away when she told me. She went to the ladies and removed her panties, and came back to the bar and handed them to the guy. He didn't need a second invitation, and he took her hand and led her to his room. She came home in the early hours with that "cat ate the canary" look and told me what happened as we fucked. I love having a hotwife.

You can rest assured that I have asked millions of questions. I won't bore you with the "he put on a condom" stuff. Just take it that safe sex was practiced. When she handed him the panties, she was actually quite embarrassed as she had never done anything like that before, and didn't know how he would respond, even though he had flirted a bit. (As a side note, in our bedroom talk I had sometimes suggested that she did this with a make believe lover. She had only been with 3 other men alone since we were married).

Anyway, he just looked her in the eyes with a "very sexy look" and then secretly put the panties up to his face and sniffed them. She felt a bit funny about that as she had been at work all day and hadn't been home to shower etc. He put the bill on his room a/c and took her hand and led her to the elevator. She said she felt both nervous and excited as they got in the elevator, but he took her in his arms and he gave her soft kisses and she began to relax a little and responded.

When they got into his room, he again pulled her into his arms and kissed her softly, her arms went around his back while his were roaming over her back and down over her backside. He was pulling her close and she could feel his cock against her, which turned her on even more. He obviously liked the feel of her pantieless ass under the dress, which was a skirt that buttoned up the front. She eventually pulled away from him and he got them both a drink and she sat on the chair while he sat on the bed. They were just chatting and she got up to look out the window as they were on the 16th floor. He came up behind her and put his arms around her, and she relaxed back into him.

He began kissing her lightly on the neck and she moved her head to the side to allow him better access as she loves to be kissed there. She put one hand up to his head and ran her fingers through his hair, and he moved both hands up over her breasts and began to massage them. His hands found her nipples which were hard, and he at first squeezed them gently. Her soft moans told him she liked that, so he then began pulling on them and squeezing them harder.

I know she absolutely loves any attention to her nipples and breasts, so I knew when he got this far she wouldn't stop him. He started to undo her shirt, then pulled it out from her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then he pulled the straps of her bra down either side until it barely covered her nipples. She was getting very horny by this time, and she could feel herself getting wet and tingly. His hands went back to her breasts again and he started pinching her nipples, making her groan. He was kissing her lower down the neck and slowly turning her around as he did. She knew he was going to suck her nipples and she arched her back to meet his mouth, still urging his head down with her hand.

He moved one hand down over her tummy and onto her pussy and squeezed it from outside her skirt, and she moved up almost on her toes and pushing her pelvis forward to feel his fingers there. His mouth found her nipples and he sucked one, then the other, sending her into ecstacy, while one hand ran over her arse, the other found its way between the openings in her skirt and directly onto her pussy. He was undoing the buttons while he rubbed her pussy and her legs involuntarily opened when he ran a finger up and down her slit, finding her clit. She was moaning louder and put her hand down over his cock and squeezed it. She said it was real hard and felt good. She then started to undo his belt, open his pants and slipped her hand inside his underwear and grasp his cock as his opants fell to the floor. He had her skirt undone and it fell to the floor, and she kicked off her shoes, so she stood there in just her bra as she massaged his cock. He pulled back and undid her bra and took it off, letting her smallish breasts with rock hard nipples out, while she still massaged his cock. He then took off his shirt, shoes and socks so they were both naked. He pulled her to him again and they began kissing passionately, and she could feel his cock between them as he gently humped himself against her.

He then got a bit more aggressive and put his hands on her shoulders, gently urging her to her knees. Little did he know she loves sucking cock and she knew what he wanted. She looked into his eyes as she moved her mouth over his cock, taking it as far as she could and making it very wet. He groaned and she went down on it again, sucking hard while wrapping one hand around it and moving it up and down in unison with her mouth. Her other hand massaged and squeezed his balls. (At this point I must say my wife gives a fantastic blow job and always swallows for me). She was looking up at him as she sucked, and he closed his eyes, leant back and began slight movements with his hips. He then put his hands on the back of her head and urged her deeper onto his cock (she likes that too) so she sucked him harder and faster. He must have had trouble controlling himself, and he soon pulled away. He told her that she gave "incredible head".

He pulled her to her feet and lay her down on the bed, spreading her legs wide apart as he did. He then knelt on the bed between her legs and started kissing her tummy, moving down slowly to her pussy. He held her legs apart and started licking her pussy, sometimes flicking his tongue over her clit, which made her jump a little at first. Other times he would suck hard on her pussy and push his tongue inside. She really enjoyed the way he gave her oral, although she didn't cum. (She rarely cums when fucking, but does when I'm sucking her nipples and fingering her or sucking her pussy).

She took hold of his hands and moved them up to her breasts, so he started squeezing them and pulling on her nipples while he sucked on her. This got her really hot and tingly in the pussy, and she pulled him up and said "I want you to fuck me". (I loved this bit because she NEVER talks like that when we are in bed together).

He moved up over her and she felt his cock prodding at her entrance while he kissed her. He slowly moved forward and his cock found its way easily into her wet slippery pussy. She groaned as it went in and she said it was "a nice fit". They started to fuck slowly and she put her legs up ("so it went in further"), while he held her hands above her head and looked down at her face.

He got up a nice rhythm and started to go harder and faster, and she moved her legs over his back and wrapped them around him. He moved his face down and gave her nipples little sucks and bites. He fucked her for quite some time like that, slowing then going faster and harder, until he pulled out and told her to get on her knees. He then put his cock in from behind and started to fuck her doggy style. He got a bit aggressive then and gripped her hips, pulling her back into him as he thrust forward. She said this felt unreal as he was going in very deep and she was groaning loudly into the pillow. He was talking to her, saying things like "you love my cock in you don't you?" and "you like a good fuck don't you?", although her answers were muffled groans.

He then said he was going to cum, and he thrust hard into her and held himself deep inside her while he came, groaning as he did. They collapsed onto the bed with him laying on top of her while they recovered, then he rolled over to her side and cuddled her, running his hands over her body and kissing her.

Eventually she got up and took a shower, and when she came out she was wearing only her bra as she asked for her panties back. He grinned as he handed them back to her, and he watched her put them on and finish getting dressed. He was still naked and laying on the bed as she made them both a coffee, and they just chatted as they finished their drinks. He got up and pulled her to her feet and started kissing her again, running his hands over her arse. She told him not to start something they don't have time to finish, but he just put her hand down on his cock and made her massage it. She felt it getting hard again and he told her she had better "take care of it" as he pushed her to the bed. He sat her on the bed and put his hands on her shoulders, urging her forward to his cock. She put one hand up to his balls and rubbed them and the other around his now very hard cock. (This is an old trick she does with me as it gives her the control of how far it will go down her throat).

She moved forward and began licking around the head of his cock, then down the sides, making it wet, then back up and taking the head into her mouth. Then she ran her tongue around the head while she sucked on it, and started moving up and down on it. He was groaning and moving his hips back and forth, trying to get more into her mouth.

Next she felt his hands on the back of her head as he tried to push his cock deeper into her throat. She doesn't mind this (actually enjoys it), and she started to suck really hard on him and squeeze his balls. Well it didn't take him long to shoot his hot load and she let him stay inside her mouth until he was finished and it started to go soft.

When she got home, I was in bed, and she came in to the bedroom still dressed, woke me and said "guess what happened to me tonight?" It took me all of a nano second to get a hard on and I undressed her as she began to tell me the details. The first thing I noticed when I got her bra off was the small love bites on and around her breasts. I took some pics of them the next day before she got dressed and just pulled on her top to give me a peek.

Needless to say we fucked most of the night and just about every night since. That was two weeks ago and I'm sure she is going to see him again next time he is in town.

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