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She Fucks The Real Estate Agent - It has been a long time since I last wrote into here but have of course always enjoyed reading all the other stories. Finally I have a worthy story to write in with.

We just moved to a new city a few months ago. Finally our old house sold and we have been able to look for a new place in ernest.

We have had more than a few days of walking homes and driving neighborhoods and sitting on the internet comparing. This last day out looking we came across an open home in a great neighborhood but definitely out of our price range. We decided to look anyways as we were there. My wife this day wore a very sexy light green but very tight sun type dress. It hugged her figure great and afforded a great view of her thong panty line covering her ass. She is still in awesome shape for being 38. She is 5’7, 120# with small perky tits and short black hair. She had been getting some solid stares already that day in her dress and was even called a cute Tinkerbelle by our female realtor earlier.

As we entered the open house we were greeted by John, the listing agent for the house. He was a big fit guy about my size and age. I am 40 and 6’2 and 220#. He was dressed sharp in slacks and dress shirt and ties. He carried a lot of energy and seemed like he has probably consumed a couple energy drinks before we arrived.

He rushed to Olivia, my wife, and instantly his hand found the small of her back as he guided her into the living room area. He smiled big at her and shook her hand and mine but never took his hand off her. I felt a bit odd but Olivia smiled big and obviously liked his energy and attention. He took us all over the house in rapid succession and every time we entered a room, he would step aside letting Olivia pass in first and then not even hiding it stare at her ass. He would glance quickly at me and smile knowingly like “yeah I am checking her out”.

John continued to place his hand on the small of her back or cup her elbow to guide her from room to room. He flirted openingly when told we have 2 kids, “no way” he jumped back while looking Olivia’s body up and down. He spoke about how sexy the bath tub was and the double headed shower, made innuendos about every women need two heads. Olivia giggled and laughed right along.

The house tour finally ended and he made sure to give Olivia his card, he probably only spoke to me twice. We did the formal agent talk and things we did and didn’t like about the house and then we left.

We had been going since the morning so we decided to go grab a quick bite at this bar and grill just a couple of blocks away. As we sat down and ordered a beer for me and a wine, Riesling, for Olivia I blurted out how I couldn’t believe how that last agent was so blatantly flirting and checking her out the whole time. Olivia played it off for one second before asking me if I was turned on by it. She knows how much I fantasize about her and another man. I said of course I was. At first I was a bit jealous as it happened in front of me but those feelings quickly disappeared and I started getting horny seeing how much he was himself turned on by her.

We went back to talking about the other homes we saw and what was next while we ordered another round of drinks.

I was surprised when Olivia brought up the realtor flirting with her all over again. I said that she seems to have been pretty smitten with him and that she did have his card if she wanted another showing of the house. She smirked and me saying just maybe she might do it. I said fine go ahead you know I am good with it. With that she pulled out her cell and his card and dialed it up.

I looked at her suspiciously trying to tell if she was really calling or not. I could make out the slight sound of ring and then a man’s voice. Olivia looked down at the table as she spoke with John. She asked if he was still around at the house as she wanted a second viewing. He said he was locking up but for her he would definitely wait. With that Olivia hung up looked at me and said, “I will be back in a little, enjoy.”

I sat frozen for a second as a wave of horniness and anxiety rushed over me as I watched Olivia look back at me over her shoulder while she walked out the door. The tight dress still hugged her little ass tight as the door shut.

I sat wondering if I should run after her, call her, just what should I do? I wasn’t sure what to do so I ordered a drink and tried to stay cool. I sat for a couple of rounds before I got a text which startled me back to stress as it read, “on way back”. I meet her outside in the parking lot, got in the car and saw immediately her face flushed and a big smile. I slipped my hand under her dress and felt the heat off her pussy and slide my fingers into it feeling hot and wetness literally dripping out. I told I have to know right now what happened. My cock pressed up against my jeans, just throbbing from the excitement.

Olivia told me how she drove to the house and John was waiting at the door. He asked about where I was and she said that I had enough of looking at homes and she was on her own for the rest of the day. She told him that she just wanted to see two things; the backyard and the master bathroom. She had concerns about how big they both were. He guided her to the back yard and commented how the yard was big and protected from the neighbors by the wall and trees. Olivia said that was good as she liked to sunbath topless, John jumped at it saying he wishes he was her neighbor. They went up to the bathroom and Olivia told me she was feeling very naughty and sexy having this guy all over her every move.

By this time we had parked in the far corner of the parking lot and I had my cock out and slowly stroking it as I nuzzled up against her neck slowly kissing her and hanging on her every word.

Precum was dripping all over as I tried not to cum.

Olivia told how in the bathroom she made a few very obvious times of leaning over so John had a good shot down her top and a great ass shot with possible panty showing as she looked in cupboards and over sinks. She could feel her pussy getting wet knowing she was putting on a show for John. Finally she stood there and glanced at the bed in the master bedroom nodding at John. He walked over and sat down as Olivia kneeled between his legs and worked at the zipper and she told me she wrapped her hand around his cock and was amazed at how thick he was. She slowly licked and teased his cock being able to see herself in a mirrored closet door.

She said his cock continued to grow in her mouth as she sucked him deep. She could hear his breathing increasing and feel his hips pushing more and more as he grew bolder. After a few minutes, John pulled her off his cock and stood up and turned Olivia around forcefully pull up her short dress and pulling down her panties in one strong motion. She loves the feeling of her bare ass up in the air I know and she told me how he teased her wet hole with his cock. Sliding it up and down on her pussy lips till she could hear how wet she was. She told me she started trying to push back against him wanting to feel him enter her.

Finally he grabbed her hips tight, she showed me the hand prints still on her, on entered her deep and hard. She said she almost came and heard herself moan as her pussy stretched around his girth. As he slowly fucked her he pulled the dress over her head and off releasing her little breasts to swing with each thrust. His balls matched the swinging and she felt the slap her clit as he continued fucking her deep. She told me they only were fucking for a couple minutes when she felt herself starting to come close and she slid her hand down and rubbed her clit feeling his balls continue to hit her. She started moaning as she came and it put John over the top as he groaned loud. Olivia said in the big mostly empty house their groans echoed throughout all the rooms. Olivia told him to pull out and she watched in the mirrored closet door as he stroked his big cock shining with her juices and exploded all over her back . He came all over her back and her ass; she stood feeling it run down her. She cleaned up quickly putting her dress on and left without even saying anything to John.

I came hard stroking as I fingered her pussy still soaked from taking his big cock. Olivia smiled at me as I went limp against. I have stroked many times by myself reliving her experience in that big open house being a naughty wife.

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