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Hello all! Last summer I questioned Mama (it's what I call my wife) about her previous sexual experiences, which she was hesitant to tell me about. But, finally she told me about one man. He was 20 years older than her and her first sexual experience.

She told me how he had her on her 18th birthday, then a few times after that. When Mama saw I wasn't getting jealous, and in fact, I was getting turned on by her stories, she slowly told me of the other men she had been with - there are always more. The stories in my mind are a little garbled, but I know I was begging her to tell me more. After a few months she assured me she had told me all she could remember.

At this same time which was about 5 years ago, we met a man named Mike, who I worked with. He had a wife we called Honey. We were rather close to them, spent most weekends together and after about six or so months, I could tell that Mike had the hots for Mama. That thought turned me on and I told her so.

Every weekend we would play cards with Mike and Honey and the game would usually turn into a comical game of strip poker. Only, Mike wanted Mama to strip and so did I. I'd get a boner every time she took something off. The game never went all the way because Honey never took everything off. Mike did. I did. And, finally Mama did. She had removed her panties under the dining room table, as Mike and I had our shorts, but still had on a bra. No one could see anything. When she lost her last piece, she pulled her long hair over her chest and took off the bra, then ducked down so her chest was below the table top. Honey left the room laughing at us, and the game was over. But, Mama decided to show.

Mama and I had talked about the games. I told her that it excited me, and I wanted her to let Mike see her naked body. She thought that might be fun. So, that night, after Honey went to the kitchen, Mama sat up to put her bra on, she flipped her hair back so Mike could see her tits, then she stood up, facing Mike and slowly raised her panties. He got a good view from eye level, and I got my boner.

We were rather drunk that night, so decided to stay at Mike's. They gave us their bedroom and slept in the kids room. We had only been in bed a few minutes when Mike walked in wearing only his shorts. Mama and I had been having sex at that point and stopped. Mike noted Mama had seen him in underwear already, and she noted he had seen more of her. When Mike went to my side of the bed, Mama leaned over me which exposed her tits and ass to Mike, and she pulled back his shorts to take a look.

On the way out, she asked Mike for a goodnight kiss. When she leaned back to her side of the bed, I held the cover and she was fully exposed. But, Mike worried about Honey, gave Mama a quick kiss on the lips, while he felt her tit. Then he took one nipple in his mouth and let his fingers touch her pussy for only a moment, then he walked out. Ho-hum. But I was hot that he had finally got a good look at Mama's naked body and that she had let him touch her. We took a trip with Mike and Honey to Switzerland a few weeks later, and stayed in the same hotels. One had two bedrooms. We got the room with the exit; they got the one with the bathroom.

We played poker that night with the usual results. After we all went to our rooms, I knocked on the door between the rooms to get Mike and make plans for the next day. When he came to the door, I had Mama in front of me wearing only a robe. While talking, I opened the top of the robe and played with Mama's tits. We stepped closer. Then, I opened the whole robe and dropped it to the floor and we stepped close enough so Mike could touch her. He did then exited quickly because he knew Honey would wonder how he had become hard while only talking about traveling.

Mama and I had sex for a while, but I had to go to the bathroom. Mike let me in (remember, the bathroom was in their room) but Honey stopped me to ask what was under my robe. I opened it. She screamed (not too loud) and Mike laughed and called for Mama. She got out of bed, naked, and walked over to her robe on the floor. She said it got her so horny watching Mike watch her cross the room that she stood at the door, naked for a moment, before putting on the robe and entering.

I joined the three who were still laughing about Honey's little surprise, and sat on the bed. After some small talk, I started kissing Mama. Mike did the same to Honey. I laid Mama down and opened her robe for all to see and played with her. Pretty soon I got tired of only us playing and reached over (I can't believe I did this) and I took Mike's hand off Honey's tit, it was half exposed, and I put it on Mama's pussy. Mama thanked me. I watched as his fingers rubbed up and down her pussy lips until they were wet. Then, he put his middle finger into her.

Mike was still kissing his wife and feeling her up, under her panties, when she looked over and saw me sucking Mama's tit and she came over, pushed me away and started sucking Mama's tit herself. This went on for a few minutes until I decided to feel Honey's tits, then her pussy myself. She pulled away.

Mike and Honey went back to playing and so did Mama and I, but we changed positions on the bed, our head to their feet. I grabbed Mike's hand again and put in on Mama's pussy and watched him and kissed Mama. Mama told me to go eat Honey, so I did. After a few seconds, Mike moved over to Mama and started sucking her tits and letting his finger explore her insides. He went down and licked her pussy for a while, then he'd stopped and go back to sucking on a nipple while squeezing the other tit, then he go back to banging her. I could hear her moan while he licked her clit.

Honey kept her eyes closed the whole time I was eating her, but my mind wasn't on Honey and her cunt. I was watching Mama and Mike. Mike moved himself up and on top of Mama. She parted her legs and allowed him to enter her. She told him he felt good inside her, and that she wanted him. Then she pulled her legs up over Mike's back so he could enter her deeper. "Fuck me hard, Mike," I heard her say once, and I looked up at Honey, who still moaned with her eyes closed as if nothing else was going on, but her and me.

Honey reached down and pulled on me and I also got on top, and put myself inside her and began moving inside. But, I was still watching Mike as he fucked my wife.

She said, "fuck me," again. The sight of Mama moving with Mike and her moans of pleasure, and I didn't stand a chance. I came inside Honey, but I kept moving and trying not to let her know I had let loose my load. Finally, I watched as Mike thrust hard a few times, then held himself inside Mama as he shot his load of cum inside her and she grabbed hold of him tight and squeezed him with all she had as she climaxed with fast, hard breathes.

I pulled out of Honey and started sucking her tits as I watched Mama and Mike catch their breath. They kissed and hugged and Mama squeezed his body with her legs still wrapped around his waist while he still moved slowly inside her. Honey opened her eyes, looked at me and gasped, then pushed me off and said some, "oh my gosh," or something stupid like that. All that time she had thought I was Mike. Or so she wants to believe.

Luckily, Mike had pulled out of Mama fast enough that Honey didn't see them fucking and kissing. Mama and I returned to our bedroom. Mike's cum was dripping down her leg and I wiped it off. Then, Mama and I went to bed and talked about the great time we had and we had great sex. That was the first time with Mike and the first time I had ever seen Mama fucking another guy. Even today, I something think about that night, get a hard on, and .... you know.

We know that Honey really did know all about what was going on and with who but if it made her feel better to pretend that nothing more than mild touching happened we are fine with it.




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