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This is about myself and my younger girlfriend Laura. I was divorced after 18 years of marriage and two great kids and was just looking to have fun and regroup. I meet her on a personals site on the internet. Sending pictures or vids was slow and difficult for some reason, so writing and sending text was the quickest and easiest way to communicate. I visited that personals site often for entertainment more than anything, it turns out Laura was the only person I ever met from an internet site.

The ads were the typical crazy shit; I would wonder for hours what the fuck were these people thinking? They ranged from can I come over and trim your private hairs to how do you feel about a good spanking? One night an ad caught my attention and I responded. The message read something to the effect of, "Wanted, mature, educated, fun guy to talk to, tired of stupid boys with nothing to say and even less of an understanding of my thoughts, feelings and desires."

Most of the messages were just bs so I expected nothing but I responded with a message saying I would love to begin a line of communication and see what happens. Laura was a 19 years old, second year literary student at a local collage and I had no idea as to her looks, I just wanted to talk to someone and see what happens.

But maybe a little history is in order. I grew up in South Louisiana which was a direct link to drug trafficking and the crazy, fun life in New Orleans which needs no introduction at all. I was in the music business, making lots of money and traveling with numerous bands all over the country so casual sex was just a part of life. There were many times we would arrive back at our hotel after a performance and there would be a girl or two who had talked the hotel clerk into letting them in the bands room and I was forced to have sex! (Smile) When at home from the road I was living with a woman 12 yrs my senior and she explained the importance of satisfying the woman and the wonderful things that happen when all of your focus is on her experience and not yours. So, on the road I had the opportunity to practice what she taught me. To this day I am so grateful for her patience and understanding.

This open mindedness and casual sex served me well because my ex-wife was having an affair with a guy which as it turned out was one of the main reasons for our divorce. But because of my casual sex adventures it was much easier to take the fact that the love of my life was sleeping with someone else. Had my ex had been the focus of all of my sex life and one of say at total of five sex partners I would not have understood the difference between just sex and making love. This may sound weird but it was true for me as I saw it for what it was and did not take it personal even though everyone comes out of a divorce a different person.

Back to the story at hand Laura and I communicated for several months, without ever actually speaking a word to each other, every afternoon I would go home hurry to the computer to see if I had an email from her. Her writings were interesting and sometimes very sexual in an odd kind of way.

After this writing went on for a while she called me and we began talking on the phone for hours and more often than not the conversation turned to sex. During one of our phone conversations we exchanged ages and I found out she was 19 but from our conversations and her writings I felt she was much more mature than her age. We decided to meet for lunch but she was living with a guy and did not want to have to confront him so we met in a very public place.

She told one time in the beginning, her live in boyfriend would check her panties when he thought she might be having an affair, which I thought was odd but did not make sense until later. She was attractive, very sexy, pretty face, not fat, but not skinny at all and a nice smile. During our first meeting we talked for some and it was very comfortable and enjoyable. I could not wait to see her again. We continued talking on the phone for some time and we began to have intense phone sex, which I had never done before and she would get off all the time.

At the end of the fall semester she moved home with her parents and we started hanging out, having a fun and a very erotic time. She would come to my house and spend the night often and we discussed all aspects of sex one way or another. During one of our conversations in a restaurant she asked me what I would do if she slept with someone else? I didn’t know what to say, I was not sure how I would react so I asked her what she would want me to do.

Her response took me back; she wanted to call me and tell me she had been very bad and for me to act mad and when she arrived home for me to take my belt off and threaten to spank her. I must be honest, I had never thought of that as being the least bit erotic or something I could get into so I just let alone but I wondered where that was coming from. Our sex conversations were very much outside the box and her adventures prior to our relationship rivaled mine so what happened next came with little surprise.

We were out one night dancing at a club and she went to the bath room and was gone what seemed like a long time, when she came back to our table she said she ran into an old boyfriend and they talked for a while. I thought nothing of it, we continued having a fun evening dancing and drinking and rubbing on each other. When the club closed we went back to my house and she said she was worn out and was going home, we kissed and she drove away, I thought it was odd but what the heck, I thought she may have been tired or what ever.

I went to sleep and about 4 am I wake up to a tap on my bedroom window. I open the drapes and there is Laura standing in the shadows looking very weird and a mess. I went to the back door and let her in, I was in my boxers and tee shirt and she had on the same black dress she had on when she left several hours before. She kept looking down and was very distant and quiet and did not speak at first, just moved into the house.

I followed her to the bedroom and she sat on the end of my bed facing me, I had a king size bed at the time and I slid back under the covers. She spoke very softly and said, "I have been very bad and I am so sorry, I went to Paul's apartment when I left here and one thing led to another and let him have me."

My brain was so confused, nervous, excited, puzzled all at the same time. She proceeds to tell me that after she left my house she called her ex-boyfriend Paul and met him at his apartment. They had a glass of wine and talked for a while sitting on the couch. He put his hand on her leg and then kissed her and she could not help herself the next thing she knew he had slipped his hand up her dress and was touching and rubbing the outside of her panties.

It was very strange but by this time I am getting hard as a rock and the only emotion I am feeling is excited. While she is talking she is obviously nervous and is slowly opening and closing her legs ever so slightly. Every once in a while I get a glimpse of the white triangle at the top of her legs. Nothing is more erotic to a man than seeing the beautiful space formed by a pair of panties at top of a woman’s legs.

She continued telling me in dramatic detail her adventure at Paul's. She kept telling me how bad she felt because she had let him slip his hand in her panties and fingered her on his couch. My mind was going nuts trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

Then they went to the bed room and slowly took each others clothes off and he softly kissed her entire body. By the time she took off his underwear he had two fingers buried inside of her. She had forgotten how huge his cock was and was always very grateful he was gentle and went slowly. The thickness stretched her more than anyone she had ever been with me and taking him inside of her took several minutes.

She could not put but about half of it in her mouth and had to relax her whole body for him to fit inside her vagina. After this whole explanation about his size she explained the reason she came to over to my house at 4 in the morning. Even though he was huge and they had very erotic, passionate sex he could not make her climax and she came to my house wanting me to finish what he started. By this time I am going nuts, I want to touch her, I wanted to kiss her and she kept her distance just teasing me and telling me more details the whole time showing me a view ever changing view of her soaking wet panties. The final straw was her telling me she reached around and slowly squeezed his balls when he started to explode inside of her and she could feel his cock squirting deep inside for what seemed like a minute. I am going to cum with out even touching her, my mind is fucked.

I got out of bed and walked over to her and kissed her and got in her face and told her that I was going to have to punish her for being so bad but that I would finish what he started. I went to the closet to get a belt and when I returned she was standing next to the bed with nothing on but white panties and a bra. The entire room felt like a fire storm of sex,it was so crazy I am having a difficult time writing this just thinking about it. She kissed me and took my hand and guided it to her panties, they were soaking wet on the outside. I could feel the cum along the outside of her panties and the inside of her legs were dripping with wetness as well, I almost climaxed when she took my finger and put it inside of the leg band of her boy cut panties, it was so hot and wet I had never felt anything like that before. My finger easily slipped into her with no effort at all, she lay down on the bed and guided my head between her legs to her panties. I had a million thoughts running thru my mind but I was going to this once. If I was uncomfortable I would not do it again but I am willing to try anything except pain once.

I licked the outside of her panties slowly, tasting and smelling the sex, it was intoxicating. I had never tasted a man’s cum before so I didn't know what to expect but it was kind of salty and thick at the same time. I slowly worked my way up her panties to her magic spot and began to softly suck her off thru the thin material until she was moving all around and telling me she was sorry but she could not help herself.

I took my fingers and slid her panties aside and even in the dim light could see she was dripping wet with her juices and his cum and her opening was completely stretched out. His cum was still running out of her and had formed a puddle in her panties. I let my tongue slide up in between her huge swollen lips and concentrated all of my thoughts on making her cum. It was very easy, she climaxed almost the instant my mouth softly surrounded her clit and began to massage it ever so softly in a rhythm back and forth with my tongue. The combination of cum and her wetness made my tongue glided across her clit with ease and I continued to slowly and softly massage her clit until she came again with such deep force it shook the entire bed.

My cock was so hard it hurt and I was going nuts and I pulled her panties down and slid up between her legs. It is amazing the feeling of taking you clothes off with another person, there is something about removing the last piece that is very special and I love that feeling as much as anything. The instant my cock touched her I could tell it was different as she felt wet and open like never before. I began to push my cock into her opening and it slid in with little or no resistance.

I was buried deep inside of her with one push and we began to move with each other, I could feel his cum running out of her and on to me and as the tempo picked up she began to climax again, sucking on my cock with her muscles and pushing back on me. I kept the tempo going until I was sure she was spent and I could not hold back any longer and I exploded deep inside of her.






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