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My wife and I communicate about sex and cuckolding differently. We don't "sit down and talk" about it. That's not how it works between us.

That's why, by "encouraging her", I mean, going for the intricate mating dance, where the partners read each other's body language and pick up on subtle hints to deliver the ultimate experience, things work.

When it works out, it's amazing. So, "just ask her" and "tell her what you want" isn't gonna work between us. Every couple communicates in their own ways. And this is how we communicate. Innuendos. That's what makes our relationship hot, exciting, special and always new. And I believe that's how nearly all women communicate, from my experience. In certain situations, you can't just tell women what you want in a blatant way and expect her to do it. One of the things women hate is 'men asking shit'. Like, can I grab your boobs? Can I kiss you? In their mind it's going "Gross. I'm gonna feel guilty and if I say yes. Why the fuck are you even asking? Just fucking kiss already." These are the reasons why Rape Fantasy is very common among women. Guilt free. No need to take accountability for what happened.

So, some background about my girlfriend and me:

I don't want my girlfriend to have sex with another guy yet, but I just want to test it out.

I'm 22M and she's 25F. We started dating 3 years ago (When she was 22) and she used to wear form-fitting clothes that showed off her curves. Lots of my friends wanted to bang her and they told me they wanted to as soon as we started dating. Anyway, as we dated, in about 1 year, she started dressing up less and less attractive, with huge gowns that weren't sexy on her. (Don't get me wrong. She's always hot to me, but she looks better with form-fitting clothes). And she gained some weight at age 23, but guys were still attracted to her since she's good looking. My gut feeling tells me that at least one guy at her work would comment her on her body.

So, she became self-cousious about her body even though it's nothing really, but you know women.

I dunno why, but I've felt great when I know guys would be checking her out when she walks in those outfits.

She asked whether she needed to go to gym, and I told her yes. That way, more guys can look at her while she's working out.

She wasn't a fan of sex before and she didn't read about sex or erotic stories but she's been reading those things recently and brought up mmf several times.

Before, she didn't appreciate wearing high heels because it hurt her feet she said. But now she's wearing them wherever she goes.

She wasn't interested in taking photos showing off her bod, but now she's suggesting she takes some, one day.

She wasn't also keen on going to parties before, but now, she loves them.

Once, we bought an outfit and shot some photos. And when she wore it to work, I reprimanded her for wearing it and told her not to ever wear the outfits we use for sex, in public ever again. I feared people would find out if they see the clothes match, in case the photos ended up online (these are of her NOT in the outfit).

She doesn't know I sort of have this fantasy. I don't want to let her know too, especially if I am to talk about it. We usually communicate by reading each other's faces and by actions.

For example, I sometimes put my fingers in her mouth while banging her Doggystyle or while fucking her standing from behind, so that there's a chance she'd imagine it as a cock. Or I would tell her to wear high heels whenever we fuck.

I also tease her about her ass to get her to be more aware of her ass. And as a result, she's been wearing even tighter clothes when she goes to work. Same thing with her boobs. I also encourage her to wear new high heels and form-fitting clothes, saying it looks good with her body, instead of saying it shows her ass and boobs more. Subtle things. So, I do these things instead of telling her in words. We work better this way. I mostly bang her doggy style and from behind while she stands up. Can see her ass better in those positions. And yes, she's been saying she can't feel my dick, like she's just kidding. I know she's not kidding.

She's had two boyfriends before and she fucked with her first boyfriend for about 10 times, but she said she didn't have sex with the second boyfriend. They just fondled and kiss each other, according to her words. She said she has never given a blowjob before me, and just gave her first boyfriend handjobs and had sex with him. She also said she'd never swallowed cum. I find it crazy to believe. She's currently working as a manager. She told me there's one slutty female friend at work who always teases her about her boobs, stating how good they are. I think guys also compliment on her body and outfits, although she told me it was just girls who said those things.

She's been thinking about getting a new job since some of those companies give her twice the salary. But the current job is more stable and has less sexual comments from people. I don't think she minds the sexual comments, she would just want the money.

She doesn't like Role Play. She finds it awkward and weird. She would never do it.

Yesterday, while fucking her (Doggy Style on all fours, I did fuck her pretty hard with almost all my strength), she uttered "Fuck!" once. She's never uttered any word before. She used to just moan really loud before.

And as soon as she uttered "fuck", she quickly covered her mouth with one hand and I kept on fucking and put my fingers in her mouth. She sucked and twirled her tongue around my fingers as if it was a dick.

So, how did I subtly encourage my SHY CONSERVATIVE girlfriend, using innuendos, to make her slowly become a complete slut?

Well, this is what happened three weeks ago:

I told her to wear a tight skirt for a photoshoot, and she wore a pink pencil skirt and a tshirt. Planned to see her at a mall, deliberately went there late and made her wait an hour at the mall. Told her to walk around the mall browsing while waiting for me since I would be late because of a meeting at work. She walked around especially at a promotion area for about an hour and then waited for me at the cafe for about 15 minutes.

When I got to her, we ate, walked around for a while, bought take away food at a restaurant. While she's waiting for the food at the cashier for about 10 minutes, I saw a guy checking her legs out, lol. The guy was so sneaky I wanted to laugh.

Next, told her to get a cab and we went to my place. I've been having insomnia and didn't sleep well for the last two nights, so I couldn't really fuck her so hard like the last time. Erection loss sometimes. So, I fucked her against the wall and she seemed to want to really scream and swear. I just couldn't fuck her properly because I was lacking energy from insomnia. But she did make noises and I laughed while fucking her.

She looked back at me blushing and asked what I was laughing at and I told her about how a friend said he thought she has a fuckable body that will last for life. I delivered it perfect and casually while fucking her. She seemed turn on and got hornier and moaned louder. She said things like "Hngh. Why would that guy say such dirty words. Jerk!", but it was SOOOOO obvious that she was flattered and enjoyed it! It all showed on her face. I continued to punch in more words, saying how good her breasts and ass are. And she moaned more and said how guys check her out when she's wearing pencil skirts (That makes it sure guys checked her out while she was walking around today, because she hasn't been wearing pencil skirts for a long time. I bet she had fun while waiting for me).

And she added she gets checked out whatever she wears anyway. (Although it has some truth in it, I'm pretty sure she added that because she didn't want me to get jealous.)

And I told her "That's because you've got such a good ass and breasts." She agreed her curves stand out whatever she wears. I fucked her harder.

She complained about how guys stare at her and I replied "Don't need to mind it, darl. Let them stare. It's not gonna hurt anybody".

So I fucked her for about 5 min and as I did, I told her that this friend said more dirty things, but I didn't want to tell her. She faked being annoyed but asked what, breathing harder. I told her he was a jerk and she probably wouldn't want to hear what he said. She agreed but asked me to tell her anyway since he was so rude. I knew I had her. I then told her that he told me he had a dream about her and that it was about her and him at work on break together, and him lifting that pencil skirt and fucking her while she covered her mouth. Immeditely she started bouncing back on me hard and said what an idiot, and was about to say something else but started to cum, the orgasm broke her words off and it was a long one. I lied about that last part to her but her orgasm was so intense it was worth it.

So we lay down and she asked me, "What else did he say?". Wow. Amazing. I had no idea what to say so I told her he said something even dirtier but I forgot exactly what. I wasn't expecting her to ask more. She was WET too!

She also asked me, "What if the people next door hear us? They'll probably get horny." She wasn't saying this because she didn't want them to hear. She was trying to talk hot. So, I laughed, felt her clit and said they'd probably jerk off, thinking of her ass and she came again at that exact instant.

We both knew at that point that she craved other cocks and I liked it, but said nothing, innuendos.

It will probably happen soon.

Innuendo Cpl




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