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My wife and I have been together for almost 10 years (not all married). During that time, we've always been into swinging, exploring fetishes, etc. I began to see cuckolding videos now and then and found them intriguing. I've always enjoyed seeing her with other men, but generally it was during a threesome. Over the years there were a few instances where she had played alone - but they were few and far between. My wife and I are very close and connected. In my opinion our marriage is rock solid. We've had our share of ups and downs, but things that break other couples apart, have just never been an issue for us.


My wife and I had watched several cuckold videos and did some reading on the topic. We learned the roles of each person, the variations of cuckolding, etc. We experimented with chastity - which we quickly found out - turned me into a sex crazed maniac and I couldn't get enough sex. Sometimes I couldn't handle the intensity of being locked up. We had many conversations where I encouraged her to ask me for what she wanted whenever she wanted - such as oral pleasure, etc. I tend to be half submissive and half dominant. This role play allowed me to explore my submissive side.


While we dabbled, there never was any true cuckolding occurring. In general I was driving it most of the time and we would dip into it for a few days, and then not come back to it for a few weeks. Everything seemed to change on a work trip that she had embarked on. Everything seemed normal as we chatted that one infamous evening. She was going out with some colleagues for drinks and to explore the city she was in. Later, she had not been responding to my texts, so I assumed she had gone back to the hotel and fell asleep and I would connect with her in the morning.

The next morning, I also traveling, was preparing to board a flight home when she finally texted me. She said while she was out she had a lot to drink, lost track of time, met some new people etc. Again nothing out of the ordinary. And then she without hesitation stated she had met a stranger, wound up back up in her hotel room, and had sex. My jaw hit the floor. I was aroused, shocked, etc. She apologized - but I let her know there was no need for an apology. As I was airborne, all of the information processed in my brain, and I realized I was "officially" cuckolded.


My wife returned from her trip energized and wanting more. After some discussions, we discussed finding a bull. After browsing many ads, and communicating with many, one stood out. He was a gentlemen around our age. He seemed respectful, and intelligent, which is a rarity when finding individuals online. We all agreed to go out to dinner and chat. He seemed like a wonderful person, had experience, etc. He was also aware my wife generally does not play on the first meeting - and respected that. After some drinks and more discussions we wrapped up the evening and began to head our separate ways.

He mentioned he would be Uber'ing home, but I insisted on giving him a ride as he was not far. As we approached the car, I encouraged my wife to get in the back seat with him so they could chat further. She was hesitant at first, but then agreed. I had no expectations for anything to occur other than chatting. However, a few minutes into the ride, to my complete surprise, my wife was rubbing his cock through his pants. She normally doesn't initiate let alone play on a first meeting. Things fell silent in the back seat. As I stopped at a red light, I turned around and seen my wife sucking on the largest cock I've ever seen in person. We dropped him off, and then went home. On the way she commented how she was ready to see him.

Over the next few weeks, we would get together and I would watch them play. He would stretch her pussy wide, fuck her deep, and make her moan unlike anything I've ever experienced. As we got more comfortable, she had a few private sessions with him. I was fairly comfortable with the situation - it turned me on, got her an immense amount of pleasure, and was strictly sex. Her exploration with this bull did something for both of us, and made our own sexual sessions more intense. Over time however, he seemed to get distracted and was hard to reach. We ended that relationship, and went back to the drawing board.


We got in touch with a couple online that was interested in swinging. They seemed like a rare find - they were attractive, intelligent, fun, etc. We found we had much in common, and really hit it off. The first few months of our relationship was strictly swinging and sex, but we continued to grow closer, and ultimately became good friends in "real life". We were on a life high - we had wonderful friends, and they were swingers too. After about 2 years of knowing each other, we decided to take a vacation together, and while there something significant clicked between us all. We found we all loved each other, and ended up in a polyamorous quad.


A few months later, there was a significant shift in dynamics. My wife, and the other husband developed a very strong sexual and spiritual connection for each other. So much so, I found them to be playing together, rather than all of us at the same time. He sexually was doing something "magical" to her that I simply wasn't providing. I began to get a bit jealous, and freaked out a bit. Things calmed down slightly, but it was clear the strong bond remained. They began chatting fairly consistently, and their relationship began to intensify. Ironically, he had a tattoo on his arm of a bull, his astrological sign, but perhaps there was more to it.

As the relationship intensified he pulled out fetishes and wants from my wife that I never knew existed, nor did she previously seem to be interested in, such as BDSM related acts. He could make my wife squirt on orgasm, something I was not able to do consistently. My wife began acting more like a hotwife all of a sudden. We had discussed that if any of "this" doesn't work, any one of us can pull the plug, and we'd call it a day. While our marriage had actually strengthened, and we grew closer, it was clear he was shifting into a bull role. None of this was really said/discussed - and my wife didn't want to define it, but then I decided to start asking questions.

My wife informed me I could no longer pull the plug - and their sexual relationship, as well as spiritual, was here to stay. I asked if I asked her to stop would she? I received a flat out no. We discussed that in essence she was going to take what she wants, when she wanted it, and for the first time, wasn't going to avoid something just because it made me uncomfortable. However, she also affirmed she was committed to our marriage, and our relationship in general. My head started spinning as I realized what had occurred. My new best friend had become our bull, I was going to need to stay in a submissive role, and my wife was or has become a hotwife in reality. I was not only cuckolded - but it was clear I was now indeed an actual cuckold.


As all of this really settled in my head, that it was reality, I began to enter the seven stages of grief.

SHOCK/DENIAL - I was confused in my own mind, as I guided my wife towards this in the past. She always made it seem like a role play, and that she could never have it be a lifestyle. I was having trouble accepting the complete shift in dynamics of our marriage/relationship.

PAIN/GUILT - I felt hurt that my wife would disregard my feelings at times to get what she wanted. But I also felt guilty for exposing her to this lifestyle. I would lash out about what was going on, but then feel guilty as I wanted her to satisfy her sexual needs.

ANGER/BARGAINING - I would be angered by their encounters. I was asking my wife my friend (bull) for more inclusive play. I would argue many points with my wife. One day however, she told me she was done with the discussion. It was clear this was beyond my control.

REFLECTION/LONELINESS - I spent a lot of time reflecting on what had happened, and felt lonely although I was never alone.

UPWARD TURN - I started to come to the conclusion there was no ill will. I think we all simply fell into our destined roles. After all, my friend (bull) is very communicative. Our relationship remains the same - strong friends - and we love each other. My marriage was stronger, and I was closer to my wife then ever.

WORKING THROUGH - My wife and I worked through things and discussed the situation. She was honest and I appreciated it. I also spoke to my friend who was honest and respectful of my feelings.

ACCEPTANCE - I finally came to the conclusion I need to stop fighting a fire I cannot extinguish and enjoy the ride. After all, this was a fantasy, I should embrace it.


So here I sit dumping all of these thoughts into a post. I'm in a poly quad relationship with my wife, and two of my best friends. I am a cuckold, my wife is a hotwife, my friend is a bull, and my friend's wife and I are also developing a sexual bond. We all love and respect one another, and there is no ill will. This all happened as if it were meant to happen and the stars aligned to facilitate it.

I'm going to service/pleasure my wife on demand, clean her up from her bull's cum when she requests it, and any other requests they have. Perhaps they'll want to do things to me for their own entertainment and pleasure. Time will certainly tell.

The odd part is I feel strangely comfortable at the present time and look forward to seeing how this will all evolve. Maybe its temporary, maybe its not.

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