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My wife and I have had 2 experiences that you could call cuckold-ish. The first was a threesome we set up that didn't work out so well because of her nerves. The second though was unplanned and awesome.

My wife was in a wedding 10 months after our son's birth. Her Maid of Honor dress was low cut and she was full-breasted having been away from him for 2 whole days. At the reception we all got tipsy. I was talking to the Bride and saw my wife, the groom and 5 other guys in the hot tub. I gave them awhile then went over to the tub. The bubbles were going and her milk filled boobs were floating on top in plain view.

I couldn't see her hands, but could tell by her are arms that she had a cock in each hand under the water. The champagne continued to flow. As the night went on the other guests left and I went back to the hot tub. My wife was still in there with 3 guys (not the Groom tho). She was sitting on one guys lap and another was sucking her milk out.

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen and an image I will never forget. She saw me and smiled and said her boobs hurt so much and these guys were nice enough to help her out (sure!). When she stood up to sit on the other one's lap, the hard on from the 1st fellow told me she was fucking them as well! She sat on all 3 guys lap. We finally left around midnight.

She was tipsy but walking fine. On the way back to the motel she was rubbing herself. I felt her pussy and it was filled with cum. I thought, "OK, you had your fun now it is my turn." There was a strip joint near our motel so we stopped. I told her it was early and I still wanted a drink. She walked in wearing her Maid of Honor dress and her pearls which were short and tight around her neck.

She turned lots of heads as we sat down. She had never been to a strip joint. We ordered, but a guy brought them to us. He was the owner and gave us the drinks on the house. We told him about comng from a wedding, new son, she's breast feeding,... He invited us to his office. He had been complimenting my wife on her beauty and body.

She is still feeling good at this point but blushing something aweful and happy to have another admirer. He asks if she would like to dance and how she could make lots of money as she is breast-feeding and a maid of honor which would drive all the men wild. She hesitates but he takes control and has her show him her breasts. He reaches out, tweaks her nipple and gets it to squirt (the guys in the hot tub didn't empty her). She groans as he sucks her milk a little.

Anyway, she ends up stumbling around on stage, takes off her dress and is in nothing but pearls. The guys are going crazy over her. She starts to get into it and double squirts milk onto the front row. After 2 songs she goes back into the office (I picked up the money). The owner and a few guys are there and he hands her a small see-thru nighty.

It covers nothing, but it seems to appease her. Compliments are flying. She lets these guys milk her and slip their fingers in her. I ask if it would be ok for her to mingle with the crowd (wanting to fulfill my fantasy and make money). The owner said yes. As we are leaving, he keeps her there to "tell her the rules of lap dancing". When he brought her to our table I felt her pussy and it had fresh cum in it. She smiled and he said now she knew what to do.

For the next 3 hours my beautiful wife walked around this little country bar/strip joint in pearls and a nighty. She looked great. She went from table to table letting guys suck her milk, stick their fingers in her, ... A few guys, individually, took her toward the back in the dark, pulled out the dicks and she sat on it. I could see her moving up and down. When she stood up they would stand up, put their dicks away and zip up.

Finally at 4AM the place closed. As we were saying our good-bye's, the bouncer came over and said now it was his turn. He had been watching this for 4 hours now. He didn't even ask. He just bent her forward and stuck his huge cock into my drunken wife. Her eyes did widen as he pounded away. He reached around and held her nipples and milked her like a cow as he came in her. His cum ran down her leg as he pulled out. She didn't even notice. She walked to the car in her nighty and was asleep before we got to the motel. I love her and love to watch her.

In the morning she had a massive headache and her nipples were very sore and red. The $1,450 she made helped explain how great she was the night before. She never looked more beautiful. That was 9 years ago now but still a fond memory for us. Here are pictures of her today, boobs still rockin it.




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