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My wife and I love this lifestyle for many reasons. she knows it turns me on, and I am happy someone can please her because I surely can't with my small dick and the fact that I cum less then a minute after insertion. Its a win win. She has always told me the thought of giving another guy head was hot. I am Bi and have sucked a few dicks, nothing major and that turns her on too. Every time I hear her stories I get hard thinking about her sucking a big cock. I had told her I would do it with her too.

She had a date with a guy she had been talking to for a few weeks and invited me to come along. I expected that during their lovemaking I would be forced to watch sitting in a chair or in another room all together. We met at a local bar, and he seemed like a nice guy....big guy with a belly, but he was nice but wasn't shy about flirting with my wife. Usually when we meet men for her they are a bit more reserved until we go someplace for action but he openly kissed her neck and her tits as we sat in the bar.

We left and went back to his apartment where he started on her as soon as we got in the door. they passionatly kissed as she groped his crotch through his pants and I went from limp to a boner in seconds. He turned out all of the lights in the living room after putting on an amateur gangbang video. As I sat in the recliner and they sat on the couch she got up and said go fluff him. Now Like I said I have sucked a cock for her before so this was nothing new to me. I went over and he warned me that he would beat my ass in front of my wife if I didn't do it right.

I unzipped his pants and pulled his half limp cock through his boxers and began sucking. When I jerk off thinking about sucking cock this was the type I dreamed of. Nothing to long but fat. As I continued working it, I heard my wife. She was sitting on the recliner with 1 leg draped over the arm fingering herself. He stood up and removed his pants and pulled off his boxers. He told me to continue as he started talking to me like I was his bitch. He said he hasn't been sucked off like this since he was in the pen, and that just made me hotter. He told me to start sucking his balls and the taste was just amazing.

He had the biggest balls ... I couldn't wait for them to explode into my wife's mouth. Then my wife came over and sucked his balls and slowly stroked his cock. He stood up, bent over on the couch and told her to lick his ass. Now this I have never sen her do, but I was so hard and horny I watched and waited at the foot of the bed as I was told. I could hear my wife cumming as she fingered herself while servicing him at the same time.

I was afraid he might be the one. The one to bend her over so he could fuck her ass, but that never happened. Nobody has so far and it would almost ruin me inside if someone did since she never let me in there. He turned back around and told her to get to sucking his cock and she did as she was told. She sucked his cock for probably another 5 mins when I heard his breathing getting harder. He started to tense up and groan and then explode inside her mouth. She swallowed gulp after gulp of his hot cum, and I loved watching her take in every drop. After she had finished he ordered me to take my clothes off. I did and he said stand beside me, my cock was so small compared to his. His wasn't long .... I dunno maybe 6" but it was so fat.

This is when they both started laughing. He ordered me to the closet where he had a chair inside. He told me if he caught me peaking he would have to tie me up in there. He and my wife laid on the couch as he had a drink. They soon took to fucking where again my wife had multiple orgasms. He fucked her for a good 30 minutes before filling her pussy with more hot cum. I was told to come out and clean her up, which I have done before. I was then told to masterbate as they watched and made fun of me. I was so humiliated....but turned on at the same time. This truly was the best night we have had so far in this lifestyle.




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