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My husband doesn't know that I know about his cuckold fetish. I recently found out when he left his laptop open and I saw sex pictures and decided to look a little more. There were many sites open, all about cuckolding and I must have spent a good hour looking through it. I knew he liked to show me off but I didn't know he wanted me to do anything with anyone else.

So, I am going to give him a big surprise. I am writing up this fantasy that I had and knowing this is one of the site's he looks at, know he will see my pictures, recognize me and read about my fantasy.

So here goes (for you Tom):

My husband Tom and I are looking forward to having a long awaited date night after he got home from work. We decide to have a romantic dinner at home followed by drinks and dessert at our favorite bar. I decide to surprise him and dress sexy for the night.

I am wearing a halter top that ties at the neck with no bra and a short skirt with crotchless panties. I start sauteing some vegetables when I hear a knock at the front door. I holler to come on in assuming it is my neighbor. To my surprise it is Jake who I met once at a company party. My heart skips a beat, I admit I have the hots for him big time.

I offer him something to drink and tell him Tom will be home soon. I hand Jake a beer and continue cooking. We make small talk as Jake drinks his beer. He tells me his girlfriend just dumped him and he wishes he could find someone to have a relationship like the one Tom and I have.

I am just about to tell him I'm sure there is someone out there for him when I feel his hands around my waist. I am feeling really excited. He begins kissing the back of my neck and slowly moving his hands up to my breasts.

With his teeth he unites my top and moves his hands to cup my breasts. I moan with pleasure at the feel of his hands and his massive hard on pressing into me. I turn off the stove and turn to him. We kiss passionately as I undo his pants. I tell him how I want to wrap my lips around his massive cock and give him a blow job he will never forget.

I am dripping from the anticipation of his massive member and the thought of sucking it. Jake reaches down and fingers my wet pussy and says he wants to suck all my juices from my pussy. I take his hand and lead him to the bedroom. We quickly undress eager to get our hands and mouths on each other.

I tell him to lie down.

I straddle him and grab his cock stroking it and sucking his balls as he is cupping my breasts. He wants to 69 so he can suck my juices. I tell him I want to enjoy every bit of his cock first, then focus on him eating me. He reaches down and feels how wet I am. After a few times of him coming close to a full orgasm he says he can't wait anymore and flips me over and kisses me passionately while finger fucking me.

He moves his way down with his lips, kissing my neck on down to my breasts. He sucks on my boobs and plays with and pinches my nipples, it sends a chill of excitement in me. He swirls his fingers around my clit, teasing me until I beg him to eat me.

I'm so excited I nearly cum from the anticipation of it all. He places his mouth on my pussy and sucks on my clit sending me to near orgasm. He learns quickly how to get me almost there then stops. This goes on for several minutes until I explode with a very intense orgasm. He quickly pulls me to the edge of the bed and pushes his massive cock in my wet pussy and drives it hard.

I am gripping the sheets, my heart is pounding, one little orgasm after another until I explode then Jake shoots his load deep inside of me and collapses on top of me. As I am hugging him I see Tom looking through the bedroom door with a smile and a hard on.

I tell him to come clean me up. After two licks he says he can't control himself anymore and rips his pants down and rams his cock deep inside of me. I cum again then thank him for sending Jake my way.
By the way, Jake is a real guy who I DO have the hots for and did meet at a company party. He texts me every so often and is flirty.

BTW Tom, I want Jake to fuck me.





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