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My wife and I have been together 8 years, and in a short month or two will be married for 5. We both are young, I am 31 and she is 29, and we belong to a strict religious way of life. My wife was a virgin until our wedding night (I had been with a few girls and wasn't a member of this church yet, so I was not) and has only dated one other man before me for a few months, until he pushed the envelope once and she kicked him to the curb.

A couple of years into dating (when we wouldn't have sex but would have intense make out sessions where she would grind me until I came, or other good girl religious moves to cheat the system) I started having these thoughts about how great she must be in bed and that eventually led to thoughts of how hot it would be to see her fuck someone else. So here I am.

So to set this up, I will explain that my wife (who I will call Linda) and I have a very close group of friends, mostly ones I had made in high school and early college. Two of them (I'll call Steve and James) have always been best friends and work in the same profession my wife does, so they are all a bit close. Steve is about 5'8 and is a very handsome native american man, he runs constantly (3-6 miles a day) and is a huge comical flirt. Any time he meets a woman that's seeing a buddy of his, he will shamelessly flirt. James on the other hand, is about 5'9 half white half black former jr Co. Track athlete, so he too is fit. He is the type of flirt that his whole goal is to get in the girls pants, he's a very upfront and vulgar man but he is a good friend.

James and Steve have over the years gotten close to my wife, and have been at a comfortable level where they flirt with her, Steve saying she is "hot and a total babe" and James saying things like "she has nice tits" and jokingly while playing board games, "Linda quit fucking me!" And Steve would say things like, "Mmm I wish she would do me," and its all in fun since that's how our friends are, even in our large mutual group knows this.

About two years ago, we had friends over late and eventually we just had Steve, James, Linda and I and we were all playing Mario Party 6 (I think) and it was basically a game winning situation where Linda and Steve were going head to head in a "pull a lever one at a time to see who's bomb blows up first" minigame and there had been some heavy flirting, and earlier that month I had found out through another game night my wife had a slight crush on Steve.

So as there was only 5 levers left and neither had lost, Linda went to flip a switch and I blurted out:

"Steve if you win Linda has to give you a Lap dance!"

And as the line traveled to the bomb, it exploded and everyone was just in shock and James was even doing the whole "OHHHHHHhhhhhH!" Routine when you're hyped up. My wife just started blurting out "No I didn't agree to it!!" And we argued she hasn't said no and Steve seemed really into it. She tried to weasel her way out of it, telling me she'd do it if I gave him one first, etc. James sat and was enjoying everything, he was a ladies man and believed pussy was pussy, so he's a very sexual guy. He just kept egging them on and was telling Linda to quit being a pussy and that I was the kind of husband any girl would want and it just added fuel to the fire.

Eventually, my good wife said "Fine I'm not giving a lap dance. But get over here." and she laid down on the long couch and Steve went over and asked her what she meant and she said "Lay here with me." and they began spooning with my wife in front. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then I remember she kind of reached back so her arm rested on his outer thigh, and she started rubbing his leg as she grinded against him, also trying to pull him closer into her ass.

I am 100% convinced something might've developed from there, but Steve is sort of a choke artist, and started doing weird sounds like "Mmm, mmmm, mmmm" in a very obnoxious way and it phased her out. She called him a weirdo while she got up. We had been going back and forth about 2-3 hours and in about 20 hot seconds, Steve choked away an experience for us.

My wife is a very shy woman so anything that makes her uncomfortable makes her quit. She said we needed to get to bed, and awkwardly I followed her. (Steve and James were staying over since it was about 4am) but once we got in our bed with the door (which I left slightly open on purpose) and in our bed, she turned her back to me and I came up behind her, hugged her and said "You're so damn sexy".

Immediately she offered and pressed her ass up on to my hard cock. I remember I reached around and into her panties and she was so wet I slid my finger right into her. Normally she will only fuck in missionary, cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl, but that night I took her from behind which she says she hates, but I knew she was into it because she was thinking of Steve, and I didn't have time to put a condom on (our only protection we use). I started to thrust but I am so hot and bothered that as I started to feel close, she turned her head to the side, said "cum inside of me" and we started passionately kissing. I lost it then and shot every ounce of my cum inside of her, and I ended up giving her release by playing with her clit afterwards.

The next day after our friends left we had a huge discussion about how wrong it was of us to do that, how we could lose our friends, etc. It was almost pointless because my wife will flirt text steve where it will go something like:

S: "Let's bang! ??" L: "When and where?" S: "Your place, in 30!?" L: "Okay hurry!" S: "Drink plenty of fluids and stretch" L: "I'm already on it ??"

Little fun texts that are never more than slight beat off material since every time they have these interactions, my wife is with me or let's me know what hes saying and it never progresses.

Fast forward a few years later, same friendship situations and all, to last night.

This time, James was staying over solo, and everyone had went to bed. A few nights before, James had found out from one of our friends in an open group that in a game of "Fuck, Marry, Kill", my wife had chosen to fuck a mutual friend, kill James, and marry Steve. (They had not been present for this) This does not sit well with James at all, and he let her know of it. Eventually, everyone else went home and James, Linda and I were having deep talks about life. I decided to declare I was tired, and that they should continue their heart to heart.

Not surprisingly, James blurted out, "Yeah I'm showing her how much of a good guy I am so maybe she won't kill me and fuck me instead," and I told him that the key to her heart is massages and I headed up the stairs, to which I hear him start to immediately ask her to let him rub her back in true, unrelenting James fashion.

I laid down at the top of the stairs and listened as my wife and this guy slut-friend explain his life, leading up to his sexcapades. He eventually gets to a story where he cheated on a girl, by getting her friend down in a hot tub and while people were around, he fingered this friend of his girlfriend under the bubbles all while these guys were hitting on her from their spot a few feet away.

My wife just sort of sat there giggling, as she loves gossip, but I knew this was different. I honestly think she thought it was hot, because while my wife would never just walk out mid conversation, she would always, ALWAYS try to change a topics if it got too dirty. Yet here she was, alone in our spare game room below our room, thinking I am asleep upstairs and she's putting on her sly yet major form of indecency with James while he tells her how he finger fucked a chick as a means of cheating.

I was rock hard.

My wife sat there as he explained he went up to this girl's room after everyone was ready to go, and fucked her while his girlfriend was just in the other room over. (Coincidence? I think not) Linda just giggled and repeated "wow" and laughed over and over again. James then explained how if he were to cheat again he'd leave no evidence, and how he's addicted to the idea of cheating sex. The rush is intoxicating, he explains to my innocent wife. Then he begins to really hit home how he knows he, "Wouldnt get caught".

Usually I'd expect a line about how "cheating is wrong and hurts everyone" yet she just sits there. Taking it all in and saying nothing against it.

My wife faintly said (and it sounded like a whisper from my vantage point).

"Mmmhm... But you will."

I dont know how emphasize this enough, but that line that she dropped, was in the most teasing sense I have ever heard her say. I've never heard her utter something so seductive outside of the bedroom.

And I heard James say, "Try me then!"

She kind of gave a nervous laugh now, different from before. She says something about how they should get to sleep, since it was 5am. He agrees, but he then asks her if he can rub her back before she does.

I hear nothing but my pounding heart and silence for what seems like forever, when I hear her say in that same tone as before:

"Maybe next time.."

And with that, I'm rock hard to the millionth degree.

"Damn, I'll hold you to it!" He says.

She does her soft laugh and says "Goodnight James."

"Goodnight." I hear him reply.

I hear their chairs move around and I book it to my room, not wanting them to have any idea I know. 5 minutes later I hear my wife come in. She walks by the closet and strips down to her underwear, which she never does. She always wears at least some shorts and a tshirt. I'm faking being asleep, and she gets in bed. I lay still for about 5 minutes.. And then I feel a slight movement.

Then another one, followed by numerous smaller jolts.

At this moment I realize, that my wife, who is a girl who claims to never have masturbated in her life and who says that it would be gross and wrong to do it when she has me. Is playing with herself in my bed thinking of another man. All while he is sleeping downstairs on our couch.

My mind explodes.

I hear her softly moan and kick her hips in the air, as she tries to silently cum in our bed.

Unbelievably hot!

I promise this happened just last night, and I stand on a huge precipice in front of me and I'm not sure what or when something might happen, but I am beyond fucking stoked!

I hope you enjoyed! If something does happen, I'll write back!

Linda and Dan




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